Scorpion E (Experience) - 3 Actuators

750W 250mm/s set of 3 actuators + Sim-Motion Servo Drive and Controller + software

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Scorpion E is our entry level daily member. With a stroke of 100mm and acceleration speed of 250mm/s, you are able to feel the road. Great for racing enthusiasts but also provide motion sensation to fly enthusiasts

  • 750W 250mm/s set of 3 actuators + Servo Drive and Controller + Software
  • Pre-wired Metal Housing for the servo driver and controller system
  • 3 Actuator which mounted perpendicular
  • 1 set of AMC-AASD15A controller
  • 3 set of AASD15A servo driver (flange size 80 with 750w)
  • 3 set of floor contact cups
  • 3 set of servo actuators
  • Speed: 250 mm/s
  • Force: 200 kg
  • Peak Force: 300Kg
  • Stroke: 100 mm
  • 3 set of U brackets
  • 3 set of power and encoder cables (3meters long)
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